About Us

We're a team of innovators, creators and doers with one goal: make high-quality, great-tasting ready to drink coffee beverages with the freshest organic ingredients we can source. Coffee is our passion. If we're going to do something, we're only going to do it well. 

We love coffee – the way it energizes us, makes us feel connected and fuels our minds. Tired of an average cup of coffee, we began the search for something more. Something that never done before, something with taste and a great caffeine kick.

After months of experimenting with different blends and brewing methods, we finally found the perfect combination of brewing time and temperature, using a blend of highly select, meticulously air roasted, certified organic Arabica beans.

What we ended up producing was the best coffee we had ever tasted— an intensely bold, super smooth cold-brew. It was too good to keep to ourselves. Something this delicious had to be shared with the world, and that's how NRG was born.

We don’t just make great coffee, we do it in a way that makes us proud to stand behind every bottle.